• User Statements

„The active steering of our trains all over Europe needs a reliable system which enables professional work in daily business. TIS is currently the state-of-the-art and first choice in dispatching international trains. The delivering of data from infrastructure on-time by dint of TIS-interfaces is essential for our internal systems like Train Control Europe (Trace). The development and the improvements of TIS are done by strong interconnection between Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings, using the knowledge and the experiences of both parties. This is an important factor to increase the quality of TIS. In fact, TIS becomes one of the most important basic operational tools for successful railway operations nowadays.”

Wolfgang Maier – Senior Vice President Operations DB Cargo AG

“TIS has become an indispensable instrument for BLS Cargo to monitor our freight trains throughout Europe. It contributes to an efficient and customer-oriented European railway market by being open for any of our partners – be they traditional state-owned companies or recently founded start-ups.“

Roland Rieder – BLS Cargo AG

“With an increasing focus on international business, real-time information regarding all trains of our group or regarding our partners’ trains is a key factor for high production quality.

TIS helps us and our customers keep the flow of goods as fluent as possible by providing information in a seamless and reliable way.“

Herbert Kloibhofer – Rail Cargo Group