• Reporting

All information collected in TIS since August 2013 is stored in the data warehouse. Based on the data stored in the data warehouse, several different reports are built and can be accessed by the TIS users concerned via Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI).

Access to OBI is currently given to the Data Quality and Train Performance Managers of each participating IM and also to the RFC (Rail Freight Corridor) Train Performance Management (TPM) leaders responsible for KPI calculation.

TIS Reporting function features

  • Serves as a source of information for:
    • RFC TPM Working Groups
    • RFC KPI calculation
    • detailed analyses of TIS Data Quality
  • Provides both pre-defined and customisable reports
  • Enables scheduling of report execution
  • Accessible online with TIS user account
  • Flexible and user-friendly application

Benefits of the TIS Reporting function

  • Analysis of performance
  • Identification of bottleneck areas (capacity problems or technical problems on networks) and thus support in steering of logistical chains
  • Identification of appropriate corrective actions and feedback on their effectiveness
  • Provision of statistical information about international traffic (for management decisions)