• Reporting

All data collected by RNE applications is stored in the data warehouse. Based on the data stored, several reports are built and can be accessed by the users concerned via Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI).

Access to OBI is provided to the Data Quality and Performance Managers of each participating IM and to the RFC (Rail Freight Corridor) Train Performance Management (TPM) leaders responsible for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculation. In addition, RUs (Railway Undertakings) are welcome to use the system as well.


Serves as a source of information for:

  • Performance Managers (Rail Freight Corridors, Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings)
  • Data Quality Managers
  • RNE Project Managers
  • European Union (Agency for Railways, Commission)
  • Checking punctuality of trains and Key Performance Indicators
  • Identification of actual and potential data quality issues

Development of pre-defined and customisable business reports


  • Access to advanced analytics to identify bottleneck areas and plan corrective actions, as well as feedback on these actions’ effectiveness
  • Easy access to all dynamic reports in one place supported by visualisation downloadable to many standard formats
  • Better insight into business facts by provision of performance and statistical information for international traffic
  • Proactive intelligence delivery and alerts
  • High-volume report production
  • Ability to provide reports for any other system connected to the RNE data warehouse

The TIS Agreement template for reporting services can be found HERE.