What is the Train Information System?

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What is the Train Information System (TIS)?

The Train Information System (TIS, formerly EUROPTIRAILS) is a web-based application that supports international train management by delivering real-time train data concerning international passenger and freight trains. The relevant data is obtained directly from the Infrastructure Managers’ systems.

     TIS Management
The application was developed by a consortium of 6 Infrastructure Managers (DB Netz, ÖBB, ProRail, RFF, RFI and SBB) and co-financed by the European Commission. In 2007 RailNetEurope (RNE) took over the management of TIS, and started developing and improving the application.

TIS Achievements
  • 260 000 trains per month – 17 000 reporting points
  • 23 IMs have joined TIS
  • A reporting function for Train Performance Management (TPM) has been developed
  • System performance and data quality considerably improved
  • Access for terminal operators
  • Train control center communication (TCCCom) - a tool which enables user to communicate even if they do not speak the same language

TIS Future Developments
  • Improvement of forecast calculation function (ETA)
  • Further enhancement of data quality
  • Support of Rail Freight Corridor (RFC) view
  • Tablet-optimised User Interface for real-time information

For technical support please get in touch with the RNE IT Service Desk.