TIS Release V5

September 26, 2013

We would like to inform you about some major issues concerning the Train Information System (TIS). As you already know, we have left our old supplier, because of insufficient performance. Since 1st July 2013 SIGNON has been responsible for the maintenance and the development of the TIS system.

New Supplier: SIGNON 
The winner of the TIS tender was SIGNON. Since 1st July 2013, this company has taken over the operational maintenance of the entire Train Information System and is responsible for developing this application further. You can find some information regarding the new TIS supplier under this link: http://www.signon-rail.com/signon/en

Until now the transition period has ran much better than expected and it has already been possible to increase some Service Level Agreements (SLA).

New Release 5.0 
Since March 2013 we have been working on a new TIS release together with the Infrastructure Managers and SIGNON. The new TIS release V 5 will optimise and stabilise the entire application and has been in the test system since the beginning of September. After intensive testing, the new release V 5 version, which will include the new SLA, will be released on 7th October 2013. The new release will include the following major improvements:

1. Performance improvements (simplification of the entire system architecture)
2. New Network Overview based on Google maps (removal of flash components)
3. Simplification of the database architecture
4. Improving of message processing for higher throughput 

New Infrastructure Managers in TIS
Besides the improved TIS version we would like to welcome the following IMs and countries:

- Croatia – HZ
- Denmark – Banedenmark
- Czech Republic – SZDC

Furthermore Trafikverket (Sweden), NRIC (Bulgaria) and ZSR (Slovakia) are already in the final sprint to become a TIS member.

In any case, we will keep you informed about further developments and we would like to encourage you to provide some feedback concerning your needs and findings. Please send your remarks to our helpdesk at support.tis@rne.eu.